Selecting your 2018 Wedding Date – Getting Married in the Smokies

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October 14, 2017
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December 5, 2017

There is always so much excitement in the air during the holiday season.  Rings are being purchased and proposals are being planned.  We feel the excitement also and look ahead to the many couples and families we will have the joy to know in the days ahead.  It is the families who fill Sampson’s Hollow with stories of love, and that is what makes it special at Sampson’s Hollow.

Are considering your 2018 wedding date? Each couple is unique and selects their date according to a set of criteria that exists only for them.  Dates can overlap with couples, and some weekends continue to be most popular and so when you begin to decide on your date, contact us.  Our wedding cooridantors work with our couples to achieve their very own….Once Upon a Time wedding.  Each wedding is unique and creates a footprint that becomes a part of our farm’s history.

Things to consider when selecting your date may be weather, holiday weekends, football season tickets and more.  Often autumn weekends with no home Volunteer game are popular and should be requested now.

Whatever your wedding date, as you look forward to 2018 and 2019, it’s okay to go ahead and book a venue tour at Sampson’s Hollow and see if we might be that very special match to the once upon a time dream wedding you see in your heart and mind.

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