Why choose a Mountain Farm Venue like Sampson’s Hollow?

Personalized Christian Ceremonies at Sampson’s Hollow
July 22, 2017
Sampson’s Hollow Open House August 27th, 2017 Prospective Brides and Grooms Invited to Attend
August 1, 2017


Private and secluded. Easy to find while idyllically tucked away from the sounds of traffic and busy highways. All venues are beautiful and have something special to offer. However, offering the guest the advantage of truly being away from the noise and interruption of highways (i.e., sirens, honking horns, and loud motors) is one feature we can offer that many area venues cannot.



Stunning Views

The Great Smoky Mountains shared by our next door neighbor Blackberry Farm. Blackberry Farm is recognized as a choice destination for clientele with a passion for excellence, exceptional services and luxury experiences, and beauty of the surrounding mountains. Celebrity guests have enjoyed the solitude and beauty of the facilities at BB Farm. Kelly Clarkson’s gorgeous ceremony was held on the property and featured in People magazine. Sampson’s Hollow has the same amazing views, the same attention to exceptional guest experience, but at a fraction of the cost.




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